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Every once in a while I get (and you will get one if you haven’t already) someone who will contact you complaining about something ridiculous and petty. The question is: WHAT do you do? Let me give you an example. Today I get an email from a guy complaining about not getting a particular bonus promised to him. Understandable that someone would be upset. I would be.

In the case of a normal human being, I would be quick to figure out how to help him and get him the answer. BUT, then again, people aren’t always NORMAL when you are dealing with people who buy info products. Like in all fields, some of them are completely WACKY!

Reading the email let me to believe I was dealing with “one of those.”

My response to him was to say that I would be happy to refund his purchase and would prefer NOT to have him as a customer. I prefer he go badger one of my competitors.

I like to work with NICE people. Part of the email I sent him let him know that he was not the type of person, from the tone of his email, that I would like to eat dinner with. I FIRED this customer. I do not want his business.

He then got back to me with an even longer, more virulent email. I did not read it because that kind of crap just gets me upset. I sent him a short email that said: “did not read, will not read.”

A few minutes later, I get a FB message from the SAME GUY. Oh no! Same nonsense. I did not respond and will not respond. If you marketing and sell info products, you will sometimes get people like this. I would HIGHLY recommend that you LET THEM GO. I don’t like to be around people like this, regardless of how much money they MIGHT put in my bank account.

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