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As someone who does information marketing FULL TIME, I’m amazed by how some of my colleagues neglect some fairly obvious revenue sources. I’m not sure why, but I suspect it may have something to do with trying to “look” professional.

Over the past 25+ years that I’ve been marketing and selling info products, I’ve learned one thing, if NOTHING else. Much of the money I make comes from giving my “tribe” the resources to help them do their business better.

Many of those resources are not mine. They belong to a plethora of other folks who have products, services, and software that I am certain my group will want to know about.

Many info marketers promote products and services sight unseen. This amazes me. For a quick buck, there are people who will promote something even without carefully vetting the individual or organization behind that service or product. This is short sighted.

If you sell info products, here is what I suggest you do. As you are doing business you will inevitably bump into products and services that you find HELPFUL in your business. After you use them for a while, get in touch with the folks who own them. Get to know them and what they are all about.

If you are satisfied that they are honorable people AND that the service they provide is a REAL value to YOUR customers, see if they have an affiliate program set up. The vast majority of them will.

If they do, sign up for the program. You’ll be given a long string of code to use to promote their program. After you’re given this code, go to, or to whomever you use to register domain names. Register a domain name with that particular affiliate program in mind.

For all of my affiliate programs I use a STANDARD system. All the domains start with the word COOL and end with the word TOOL. I recently promoted a program designed to help people do webinars quickly and easily. I used the domain: All of my affiliate programs use that same naming system.

I suggest YOU do the same.

In the course of my many years in the business, I’ve found a bunch of providers of products and services that I feel have TRUE VALUE for those who follow me and my work and ideas. I will NEVER promote something simply because it makes me money. That would be DUMB.

On the flip side, there are information marketers who seem to avoid promoting other products and services. This seems non-sensical to me as well.

NEVER promote a product you don’t like, use and personally believe in. BUT, by not promoting any products you leave a LOT of money on the table. Why shouldn’t you get a commission for referring someone to a great service or product? After all, you’ve just reduced their cost of marketing!

I suspect the reason why some people won’t do this is because they think it’s TACKY and lack class! RIDICULOUS! That may have been the case many years ago, but NOT any more.

It also seems that some info marketers are reluctant to get involved with programs that are set up using a multi-level marketing compensation program. I’m not in love with MLM and frankly, I have had some BAD experiences. BUT, that’s no reason to throw the baby out with the bath water!

There are a number of services that I recommend that use MLM as their compensation methodology. I could give a rat’s behind. I’m not involved with them BECAUSE of their compensation system. You might even say I’m involved with them DESPITE their way of compensating referrers.

The real issue for YOU is this: In your information marketing business are you building a RESIDUAL income for yourself? If you’re not, there’s a problem. It’s great to make money ONE TIME. It’s MUCH better to make that money repeatedly. And with a minimum of effort.

My goal is to get 100 checks a month coming in from 100 different sources. I will NEVER knowingly recommend a product or service that isn’t the BEST in it’s area. That would be a bad long term strategy.

But, in order for YOU to make some good money, over time, that comes in EVERY MONTH, you have to find products to refer.

Why not just sell your own products? Trust me, I’ve created thousands of products over the last 25 years. It’s great to sell them because I keep ALL of the profit. BUT, it’s even better when I get a check for a product or service that I referred to someone a few years ago that they are still happily using.

My best example of this is It’s a program that I use and recommend to everyone in this business. It has provided me with a handsome 5 figure monthly check for the last few years. This is yet another program that YOU can sign up for as an affiliate and make money from every month.

I want to maximize my revenue in an ethical manner. I have NO problem in referring YOU or others to products and services, I like and use and getting PAID to do so.

I suggest you do the same and follow my lead. BUT, ONLY if you want to have a bunch of checks coming in every month with a minimum of effort!

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