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Information Marketing Revenue Sources

Information Marketing

As an information marketer I have a lot of different revenue sources. If you are looking to get into this business or are already in it, you should too. The intelligent info product marketer will be looking for all sorts of ways to make money and bring in cash. The most obvious way is to produce your own products. BUT, this is just one way. Here are some of the others:

1. Sell other people’s products as an affiliate. This is a great way to make additional cash as an info product marketer, but be careful. If you end up promoting someone who goes “south” with their integrity, YOU will look like a crook as well.

2. Speak at Seminars/Events. A great way to move a lot of info products is to speak at events. You can either speak at your own events or at those promoted by others. This is great way to get the word out about you and your products. Make sure to pick up a copy of my book: Selling Products from the platform. You can get it for free at;

3. Coaching. I do a fair amount of both individual as well as group coaching in the information marketing field. Info products is an area that has now gotten crowded with people who CLAIM to know what they are doing so I wouldn’t recommend this field! Give people advice in your own area of expertise as an information marketer. It’s not that difficult and it’s fun.

4. Consulting. I differentiate the two by the fact that consulting is usually done for a corporation, association or a larger entity. As an information marketer, you have a lot of knowledge in your field. Chances are there are plenty of different groups that can use your help. It can be enjoyable, you’re learn a lot and it’s very lucrative.

Those are just a few of the areas where information marketers can add to their monthly revenue. My stated goal has always been to have 100 checks coming in every month from a variety of different sources. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m well on my way. I suggest you set up a similar goal for yourself.

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