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People who market and sell info products are always looking for secrets. Many think that if they just find the secret, everything will be just fine. They will able to make and keep a boatload of money. Info marketers of every stripe are looking for the silver bullet, the one thing that they can do to be stinking rich.

I’m here to tell you that all of that is BS. Complete and total Horsecrap. I’m here to tell you that the answer is work. Hard work? Hardly. Consistent work? Absolutely! The big SECRET if you want to call it that is that you need to do what is necessary every single day to find a steady flow of cash coming your way.

Want to know the other “secret”?

To me it’s all about the diversification of income sources. That’s my big secret. Getting enough coming in from a variety of different sources. That way, if one of your info products goes South, you’re not up the creek without a paddle. Don’t try and hit a homerun. Try and hit singles and doubles. Don’t just have one or two sites generating you income, have 10 or 20 or 100.

What about the work you have to do every day? The consistency I spoke about earlier? That for me means doing exactly what I’m doing here. Blogging. Explaining to you exactly what I do and why it’s working. Not just blogging but video blogging. My goal is to both blog and video blog.

If you’re  just getting started in the info products business, there some things you have to do to succeed. Luckily there aren’t many SECRETS. Anyone who tells you anything like this, RUN in the opposite direction.

Many so-called gurus will give you all kinds of convoluted nonsense about how you can make a million bucks. Don’t buy it. It’s ridiculous. There are no secrets, there is just strategic work.

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