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Information Marketing Vacation

Information Marketing

If you sell info products, you have to take a break every once in a while. I’m just back from my wife’s 20th year high school reunion. She is from a small town in Louisiana and we were down there for a long weekend. As a result, I didn’t do any blogging for a few days.

I feel a little guilty!


The best baseball pitchers in the world usually get 3 or 4 days between starts. The same thing is true if you are a conscientious blogger. You need time off. I had been going at a pretty torrid pace. I needed a bit of time off. BUT, not for long!

I have a lot of things to share and don’t want to wait too long before I put them into a blog post for YOU to benefit from. Or at least, that’s my hope.

What about YOU? If you work really hard like I do, I’m convinced that you also need some time off every once in a while to do YOUR BEST WORK. When you DO take time off, make sure and keep a pen and paper and your computer handy! You’ll be surprised at how many great ideas you’ll get when you aren’t THINKING about work.

That’s how it almost always happens.

I feel like my vacation is continuing a bit. Even though I have a full day of product creation planned for tomorrow, it’s with my good buddy and protege/partner, Avish Parashar. Avish is out for about a week. We’ll be doing a number of things, including creating some more video AND audio products.

So when you feel you need it, take some time off. Take a vacation. Even if it’s JUST a MINI vacation. Use this time to recharge your batteries. BUT, when you’re taking the time off, be ready to discover some of your BEST ideas.

Information Marketing

2 Responses to “Information Marketing Vacation”

  1. Samuel John on October 13th, 2010 2:01 pm


    Sam here.

    I am in FULL AGREEMENT here, for sure.

    Just starting out as a business owner, entrepreneur, and online marketer (all-in-one) I am realizing that doing it alone is A LOT HARDER than working a dead-end job. And… vacations help!

    Also, something I’ve realized I’ve had to do (for the sake of my wife), is to stop working when I stop working… you know what I mean. I have the tendency to work whenever I have free time, but I have to be careful not to work when my wife is home and bored.

    Anyways… great post, and we missed ya! 😉


  2. Fred Gleeck on October 20th, 2010 6:48 am

    Thanks Sam! It’s always nice to take a break. AND, it’s always nice to be missed!!

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