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3 Reasons Why People DON’T Succeed Selling Info Products

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As I watch the various players in the information marketing business, I see THREE basic reasons why people don’t MAKE IT.

Number 1: Laziness. Some people aren’t prepared to do the work. If you want to succeed in this or any business, you have to work. If you’re lazy, no one can help you. The people who are lazy are the ones who are looking for the NEW SYSTEM that the latest guru is touting that can make you millions overnight.

Since laziness is such a common human trait, these programs sell. When they don’t work, the person who bought the program is on to the next scheme chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Number 2: They follow the WRONG system. The people who fall into this category I really feel for. They are willing to do the work but they’ve selected the wrong SYSTEM. They hear about someone, don’t do their due diligence, and they start following a path that turns out not to work.

In the end, these folks are disappointed and quit. They worked their butts off, but they didn’t have the right teacher. Without the right instructor, it doesn’t matter how hard you work at something, you won’t get results.

Number 3: Lack of Patience. These folks choose the right system and person to follow. They get started right but expect results too quickly. This is different from laziness. This group of people have a work ethic, they just quit WAY TOO SOON.

These are the main PROBLEMS as I see them, so what are the SOLUTIONS?

Number 1: I have no answer. If you’re lazy, I can’t help you. Go play the lottery and keep your fingers crossed.

Number 2: For those who follow the wrong system, don’t give up. Try again using a system that works. BUT, be cautious. The last thing you need is to make the same mistake twice. That will KILL your spirit. Take the time to research the people AND the system before you try and put it into practice.

Number 3: If you don’t have patience, read Seth Godin’s book, “The Dip”. The people who are successful in any field are willing to go through a learning curve when NOTHING seems to go right. After they get through the learning curve, if they are willing to stick it out, very few people will be on the “other side”.

That’s what I’ve found in my many years of doing this business.

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4 Responses to “3 Reasons Why People DON’T Succeed Selling Info Products”

  1. ken on September 17th, 2010 4:38 am

    After reading the 3 reasons why people don’t succeed in the information business I have to speak up. I think I’m between a 2 and a 3. I think my problem lies in reading too many emails from marketers touting their program or service. Most of the one’s I’ve selected and paid for the initial product I get started and just as I’m getting off the starting blocks I get another one then another one etc etc. My credit card swells and I get nothing done because I’m trying to do too many programs at the same time, time passes, I get overwhelmed and I loose interest and I’m back to where I started, deeper in debt and discouraged. Sound familiar?

  2. Fred Gleeck on September 17th, 2010 4:50 am

    YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I hear from people all day long who tell a very similar story. Before you spend ANY money with ANYONE, make sure and do your due diligence. My experience suggests that there are VERY few “gurus” who give a CRAP about anything other than lining their own pockets with your hard earned cash! Don’t get me wrong, it’s FINE to make money, but it’s definitely NOT OK to take money and give people YET ANOTHER SALES PITCH!

  3. Jason Bax on September 21st, 2010 12:19 am

    I respect your candidness in your ‘income claim’ located in the footer.

    “Some people make money using my products and materials but the vast majority do NOT. This saddens me, but it’s the truth”

    Over 80% of people will NOT put in the work to get it done.

    Also, a larger % of people seem to have a knack for self sabotage – like going into markets with little income

    This is the exact experience I’ve had in past as trainer.

  4. Fred Gleeck on September 22nd, 2010 4:12 pm

    Jason, thanks for the feedback on the footer on the site. Not only is this the truth, it’s the right thing to do. Also, the government is getting pretty particular about what they want people to say on their sites. This makes it VERY clear to a visitor how I feel. I only WISH I could change the numbers, but I can’t! I’ll keep trying!

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