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Few People TAKE ACTION in the Information Marketing Field

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About a month I was contacted by someone who made some pretty big claims about his background and future actions. I was skeptical. I’ve been in the info products business for a long time. I’ve seen people make a lot of OUTRAGEOUS claims. Most of them NEVER came to pass.

I was hoping I would be surprised. I wasn’t. I was disappointed.

The sad truth is that VERY few people DO what they SAY they will do.

So, the guy I mentioned finally got in touch. He sent me an email as if NOTHING had happened. As if I would have just forgotten the amount of time that had passed since he made all of these grandiose promises.

The email contained  a list of reasons WHY he hadn’t been in touch. For all I know some of them were real and even valid. I don’t know what it is about people. Did this guy expect me to just forget that a month had gone by and he promised to contact me “SHORTLY” the last time we were in touch?

IF he had only contacted me a few days after we had first met and told me of the “problems” he then mentioned in the email I just got, I would have been much more understanding. I would have understood WHY there had been such a big gap between the time he SAID he would contact me and the time he DID.

The problem is that he did not. So, I MUST assume this guy is full of s**t!

I only have a limited amount of time to spend on business and personal projects. I don’t want to be distracted by people who make promises they don’t keep.

Are you one of these people? I hope not. IF you ARE, this is the wrong blog for you to be reading.

I don’t like to spend time, energy and money on people who don’t DO WHAT THEY SAY. Is this too much to ask? Apparently it IS for some people. For these people, I have NO time. I would hope you don’t give them your time either.

Don’t encourage this type of behavior!

I refuse to spend time with people who don’t or won’t do what they say they will do. It’s both draining and a waste of time.

For God’s sake: DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU’LL DO!

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One Response to “Few People TAKE ACTION in the Information Marketing Field”

  1. Monica on August 16th, 2010 5:33 pm

    I have to say that I have been a long time follower of Dan Kennedy’s stuff including being part of his “Inner Circle” for over 10 years. What disappoints me about his stuff lately (and I think it’s because he’s retired) is that he’ll offer a free something (t-shirt, notebook, etc.) for faxing back some kind of questionnaire (who uses fax anymore anyway?) and then nothing ever comes. Then I ordered an “advance” copy of Outrageous Marketing (just to find out that it had been out in the market for several months prior) with the promise of getting the download copy now (which I received) and then getting a physical copy in the mail later (which I haven’t received and it’s been almost 1 year to date; numerous emails asking for the book have proved to be fruitless). What bothers me is that he is a “marketing guru” and talks profusely about how important it is to stay “connected” with your customers and ESPECIALLY FOLLOWING THROUGH WITH PROMISES and yet it seems that he is not following his own advice. Since this is uncharacteristic, I’m going to assume that it has to do with Bill Glazer taking over his operation. Still, it makes Dan Kennedy look bad because his name is still all over the company, newsletter, and his products. It’s funny because in Dan’s newsletter there is a section called the “Sales Prevention Department” where you can report a situation where you tried to buy a product or service from a company and it was extremely difficult (or impossible) to make the purchase because of poorly executed customer service or sales strategies. Yet this is seemingly the case when dealing with Dan Kennedy’s group now. He’ll send out a notice to buy a course or some special offer he’s having. You send in an order form and nothing shows up. Mind you, his stuff isn’t cheap. Credit card never gets charged, no product arrives, and this has happened SEVERAL TIMES! So you wonder if the order form ended up in the trash or lost in the mail (because GOD FORBID if you can order anything from Dan via the Internet). If you happened to miss his deadline or offer, how hard would it be to drop a note in the mail saying, “Sorry you missed the boat…” or some kind of validation that the order was received? Then use it as a SALES OPPORTUNITY of some kind!! Here’s the worst thing about Dan Kennedy’s operation: recently he sent out a catalog with his newsletter that had a specific URL to order products except when you get there it says “Under Construction”…huh? How are you going to send out your newsletter with your “new” catalog to TENS OF THOUSANDS of subscribers and the URL to order products from your catalog isn’t in functioning order?? I am very tempted to write a story for the Inner Circle newsletter for the Sales Prevention Department about Dan’s own company’s “sales prevention” tactics but somehow I don’t think it will ever get published…Pretty sad that a “marketing guru” has dropped the ball in such a major way!

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