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Everyone in the field of information marketing should read Chris Anderson’s book: “FREE”. Reading it changed a lot of my thinking. On this site, you’ll now find a LOT of things that I previously intended to charge for. You can thank Chris for the fact that much of it is free!

Let’s be 100% honest as to why I’m making a lot of my information free. I want to accomplish a few very important (and self serving) things.

1. I want to establish myself as THE expert in teaching information marketing. I may not be making more money than anyone else in the field. That is NOT my goal. My goal is to be the pre-eminent TEACHER in the field. People who DO well, often times can’t TEACH well.

2. I want to get the largest number of people exposed to my material related to marketing and selling info products. Offering a lot of information for FREE allows me to get it out there. If it is as good as I think, it will be spread, go viral, and be discovered by MANY more people.

3. I want people to buy the various products that I sell. I’ve got lots of products that I DO SELL! Hopefully, by impressing people with my free material, they will also feel moved to check out and eventually BUY some of my other material.

4. I want people to attend my live events. I do a number of them throughout the year and my goal is to get many of the folks who read and listen to my free material to be convinced enough that they will again PAY to attend a live event.

5. I want those who attend my shorter live events to then feel motivated enough to attend one of my Fred Info Bootcamps. I offer these only 4 times a year and only to a maximum of 6 people each session. These are one week events and are extremely intensive. Everyone leaves with an information marketing business ready to go.

6. My FINAL goal is to get those who have attended any of my events, OR read or listened to my free material to approach me with Joint Venture “deals.” I want to have 100 checks a month coming in from 100 different sources. The way that I do this is with JV’s that I arrange with people that I “find.” The nice thing about having someone at the bootcamp is that it’s easy to assess how well we would work together after spending a full week under the same roof.

There you have it. That’s WHY I give away FREE INFORMATION MARKETING material.

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