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How do Will Smith and Information Marketing Go Together?

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In the past couple of days I’ve seen two Will Smith movies. He’s a REALLY good actor. The question is: How does Will Smith have anything to do with information marketing? The answer is fairly straightforward: BELIEVABILITY!

Whether it’s Jimmy Stewart or Will Smith, believability is the key to getting people to trust you. This is true whether it’s on screen or in an email blast.

You would probably agree with me so far, so the next logical question is: HOW? How do you communicate believability to your list? IF you can, your numbers will soar.

To be believable, there is ONE KEY component that you must have.

That would be CONSISTENCY. Consistency when selling info products relates to your telling the same story. Not creating a NEW tale every time you communicate with people. When I tell people that I have a GET RICH SLOW philosophy, they listen.

When, over the past 15 years I have told people that I believe in this philosophy and have practiced it myself and they have seen it . . . THEY BELIEVE ME!

Are you consistent with the message YOU communicate? I sure hope so, because this is one key component of believability.

Are there other components? Sure. BUT, telling the same story and sticking to it over time is the MOST important.

How many times have I heard some well known “guru” claim they were going to retire. Then two months later they turn around and decide, NO, I’m coming back. It’s like a BAD, over the hill boxer announcing his third retirement.

After a while you just don’t believe them.

So here is what I do, think and believe. Check back with me 30 years from now (if I’m still on the planet) and you’ll see the same things.

1. You can get rich quick. But, it’s like winning the lottery. Very few people make big money this way and it doesn’t make sense to pursue this path. Getting rich SLOW makes more sense.

2. Tell people the truth. Nothing will lose you credibility and believability faster than LYING to your customers.

3. Hang out with people who have a history of NOT screwing people over. If you hang out with the “other” group, you’ll be branded as one of them.

4. Provide people with GREAT value with everything that you sell them. Do this and they will be customers forever.

The above 4 items and being consistent will go a long way to helping you build a solid information marketing business.

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