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A number of years ago, I was at an NSA (National Speaker Association) conference. PS – I’m no longer a member. At this conference a guy who had come to one of my seminars in the late 80s showed up to give a presentation. He was now the head of a book distribution company.

After his presentation, I approached him, said HI and asked if he had read Jeff Gomez’s book: PRINT IS DEAD! He looked at me like I was the Man on the Moon. He had not even READ the book. He’s in the publishing industry and doesn’t read books? Particularly those that are 1000% relevant to him and his field?

I worried about him and the future of his company. At the time I was “worried” for everyone in the traditional publishing field. Clearly, things were going to change. I didn’t know when, but I KNEW they were going to change. That was 2008.

Earlier this week Seth Godin announced that he would no longer be publishing his books the traditional way. Every book from now on would be published DIRECT to consumers cutting out the HOST of middlemen involved in this business.

The BIGGEST loser, believe it or not in this seismic shift will be UPS! What? Yes them. There are so many channels of distribution in the book publishing industry that the only people who make BIG BUCKS are the people who have moved these heavy products (books) from one channel to the next. This has long been the MOST inefficient industry on earth.

I have to smile at these changes.

On many an occasion I’ve had run-ins with various people in the book publishing industry. You can’t find a more arrogant group (on the whole) as these people. Well, the VAST majority in that field should start asking Obama for a bailout. Soon, they too will need a rescue, job retraining, or BOTH.

When Jeff Gomez first wrote the book he was a little bit ahead of his time. The patient had been diagnosed with a terminal illness. This latest move from Seth Godin marks a change. The patient has now been moved to hospice and their family has been gathered to say their good-byes.

Many of the family members didn’t come. They don’t believe that death of the PUBLISHING BUSINESS is imminent. Well, WISE UP! Or, if you like, go pick up a copy of “Denial of Death”. I think there are still a few copies floating around online and at used bookstores.

This is the ONLY book that everyone in the publishing business should be reading!

As for me, count me as one who is DELIGHTED with the DEATH of this bloated, obnoxious, self-important group of individuals and organizations who compose the PUBLISHING INDUSTRY!


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