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Steven Slater and Information Marketing

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In my NEVER ENDING quest to relate any and everything to the field of information marketing, here I go. Steven Slater is the Jet Blue flight attendant who has received endless amount of press coverage for his “interesting” behavior on a recent flight.

I’m not here to regurgitate the news. I am here to show you how this relates to selling info products.

At first, many people thought of Slater as a hero. Someone who finally told a passenger to “shove it” when they deserved it. More recent reports are showing us that there are two sides to this story. Many of the passengers are now saying that this guy was rude and obnoxious from the start of the flight.

I’m not going to take sides, but I am going to point out that frequently, buyers of information products do not CAREFULLY evaluate all the facts when making decisions.

I’ve been a speaker at seminars where people have pitched some ridiculous concept claiming you could make a million bucks in 90 days. I’ve then seen people line up like lemmings to buy from the latest Pied Piper.

A PERFECT example of not getting all the facts before making your decision.

People who attend seminars and workshops in this field and are looking for the MAGIC PILL, the SECRET BULLET. When someone offers it to them, they swallow it whole. Often without reading the ingredients or checking the manufacturer out.

I’ve had people call me after they have spent tens of thousands of dollars on schemes like this. It’s amazing what people will do to chase a dream. They will abandon their logic and run desperately in search of the end of the rainbow.

Just like with news stories, it’s a bad idea to take sides or make decisions without ALL THE FACTS. If you’re a buyer of information products, I’d encourage you to get all the facts before spending ANY money. If you’re a seller of info products, then please, give your customers the facts.

Don’t try and fool them, they will find out what you’re really like in the very near future.

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