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The ABSOLUTE FUNDAMENTALS of Selling Info Products

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In every field, there is a tendency to OVER complicate things. This is true in the field of information marketing as well. I wanted to do this post to give you the ABSOLUTE FUNDAMENTALS of this business.

I grew up hoping to play golf for a living. Without implementing the fundamentals in golf, your chances of being successful are virtually impossible. With golf, the three fundamentals of the game are: your grip, your stance and your swing.

When you sell info products, people are always trying to convince you to buy yet another product or service to HELP you WIN the info products “game”. In order to even have a real chance of making money you MUST know and understand the fundamentals.

There are three. Here they are.

1. Traffic

Everyone wants more traffic. Everything else being equal, more traffic will mean MORE money. There are four different ways to drive traffic to your site: online paid, offline paid, online free and offline free.

Given the length of this post, I’ll only talk about one way. It’s from the ONLINE FREE “quadrant.” SEO traffic!

The BEST way to get online traffic for FREE from the search engines is to set up a blog and write posts using the keywords that people would search for in your niche. It may not happen immediately, but over time, this will generate traffic for your site.

2. Product

You need to produce and sell a product that has a high perception of value. Not JUST because you SHOULD, but because if you DON’T, people will ask for refunds. Not good!

To reduce your refund rates do two things. First, make sure you give people 10X more value than what they paid. Second, do this by making sure you provide people with a complete, easy to follow roadmap of HOW to do what you’re “teaching” them.

3. Conversion

I list this one third, but it should really be done SECOND. After you’re done creating our product, you’ll need to create site to help you SELL that product. No matter how good the product is, NO ONE will buy it unless the site converts well.

If you can get a FLOOD of people coming to your website, you have one PIECE of the puzzle. Here’s an example. A number of years back I was approached by a lady who owned a site with a GREAT domain name.

At the time, she was getting something like 70,000 unique visitors each month. She had been getting those numbers for about a year and a half. Pretty nice, huh?

After hearing those amazing figures I was excited to find out how many people had opted in to her list. He PROUDLY told me that she had just OVER 3,000! I asked if that was the number THIS month or what? She told me that was her TOTAL number.


With that many people coming to her site she should have been closing at LEAST 8-10% on opting in. Assuming 18 months with 70k visitors each month, she SHOULD have had something like 100,000 on her list. NOT 3,000 total.

To be honest, her number was PATHETIC. But, it’s not HER fault, she didn’t know any better at the time.

I told her that ideally, BEFORE you drive traffic to a site, it’s a good idea to work on tweaking your conversion rates FIRST. She wholeheartedly agreed. My next question to her was: What do you want people to DO when they come to your site?

After discussing this for a while we agreed that she SHOULD be trying to get any and everyone who visits to opt-in to her list in exchange for a valuable digital bonus.

These are the three absolute fundamentals in selling info products. Learn and understand these FIRST before moving on to anything else. You’ll be glad you did!

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