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I just saw another blog post I couldn’t help but commenting on. Someone had represented that this particular individual was the “greatest” information marketing teacher. I 1000% disagree with his assessment, but that’s neither here nor there.

This post is about the difference between DOING and TEACHING. There are many people who can DO something quite well. They have the requisite skills and talents in a given field to be successful. It’s something COMPLETELY different to be good at TEACHING the same material.

Since my lawyer forbids me to name names, pardon my being so abstruse.

The post that I’m referring to makes mention of someone who in FACT is a good info marketer. BUT, the post makes the claim that he is a good TEACHER. On this fact I would disagree.

Let’s define some terms.

Being a good information marketer has a number of components to me. Some of them subjective and others objective. Let me run down the OBJECTIVE ones.

1. The amount of money one makes from selling info products.

2. The total number of people one has on their list.

3. The number of people who read their blog or ezine.

4. OTHER measurable and numerical items.

On the SUBJECTIVE side, here is my list:

1. Treats customers well and with respect.

2. Is someone who has a good reputation amongst his peers and the general public.

3. Understands that MONEY is not the SOLE objective in this or any other business.

4. Other – fill in the blank!

These are the objective and subjective measures of an information marketer. You can quibble with some or add others to the list, but this is a decent list, IMHO.

On the TEACHING side of the equation, there are some very important key elements involved in being a good teacher. They include, but aren’t limited to:

1. Doesn’t speak over the heads of the audience. Keeps it basic.

2. Gives specific HOW-TO information as opposed to general statements about what to do.

3. Actually delivers REAL content as opposed to a sales pitch or infomercial.

4. Adjusts the teaching to fit the needs of the audience members.

5. Gives a list of sources where “students” can gain more information and learn from additional resources.

6. Teaches in an engaging manner so that people will best learn from him or her.

7. Is willing to help those individuals with specific issues that may not affect or be relevant to ALL who are learning from the teacher.

8. Is FUN to listen and learn from.

9. Gives students a way to best remember the information taught, be it through audio, written notes, or whatever else it takes.

10. Has a GENUINE interest in TEACHING the topic, not just in enriching him or herself.

So, when we think of someone as the GREATEST information marketer or anything else, you have to define your terms. First, are we talking about DOING or TEACHING? Then we have to look at both the objective and subjective measures.

If CHARACTER counts for you and INTEGRITY matters, then your ability to hand out the term GREATEST this or GREATEST that, must include subjective measures. Particularly those that relate to character.

Because to be GREAT at anything, one has to be a DECENT person.

But then again, that’s MY opinion!

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