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The UNFAIRNESS of the Google Ranking System

Information Marketing

A few months ago, I made some changes to my website. My rankings for the keywords: information marketing went from position #3 or #4 to the third page of Google. I was bummed and annoyed. I did not know that making some “upgrades” to my site would hurt me in the rankings.

Just 10 minutes before writing this post, I went to Google and put in the infamous keywords, information marketing. This time I got annoyed. Number one on the list was

I don’t know who this guy is. I have NO comment about him or his material. I do have a comment about his blog. Unless I’m missing something this guy has less than 10 or 12 posts to his blog. That is since he started it in 2008. YET, his site ranks #1 in Google.


I’ve got well over 700 blog posts. That’s a LOT of posts!

I’m working my BUTT OFF to deliver rock solid content in the field of marketing and selling info products. This guy gets position #1 just for having the right domain name. Very little else from what I can see. WAAAHHH (baby crying sound).

But, enough bitching and moaning. All I can do is blog like a maniac. According to some people I’ve read, I’ve now moved into the category of POWER BLOGGER. This is where you write blog posts at the rate of 2 or 3 a day.

Yup, that’s now me. I’m obsessed. Why? Because I”m pissed off. I’m competitive and it seems blatantly unfair. But, I’m not Google and they create the algorithm. If there is a REAL Google person out there who reads this blog post, PLEASE look into this.

It’s UNFAIR. I protest.

What will this get me? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. So, what do I do? I put my head down and BLOG. Create more content, attempt to get more inbound links. If you read this and believe in JUSTICE in this world, link to me and this blog.

Am I begging here? Damn right I am. It’s unfair. I want to change it. I want you to HELP me change this terrible miscarriage of justice.


Not him. Me!

I’ve been competitive since day one. Let’s correct this wrong. Right now!!!

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