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Turning Your Passion Into a Business in Information Marketing

Information Marketing

For most people, it’s a LOT easier to work on something you love. Information marketing is a field where many people behave like mercenaries. Many “gurus” have instructed their devotees to look for profitable niches regardless of how much they may ENJOY those fields.

I DISAGREE with MOST of these so-called gurus.

For me, I would rather work on a factory line than create and market info products in a field where I had no personal interest. It would be drudgery.

Instead, I would suggest you approach things differently. Write down any and everything that you enjoy. Don’t stop at two or three things. Write down EVERYTHING that comes into your head. No screening. Done yet? When you are, now let’s try and find a way for you to make some money selling info products in those fields/areas.

Here is my most recent example.

I do a LOT of product creation. Some for myself with my own products and a LOT with various joint venture “partners”. At a recent Fred Info Bootcamp a guy named Jurgen Wolff turned up. Jurgen is an accomplished writer. He’s primarily a screenwriter. Because of my intense interest in film (and because of his magnetic personality – listening Jurgen?) we hit it off.

We are now involved in joint venture based on any and everything having to do with Screenwriting. Take a look at to get an idea. The site is not yet fully up, but you’ll get the picture.

Growing up in the Philippines, I used to take a bus with my good friend Chip about 30 minutes from our places in Manila to an “outer” suburb. In this area, they had over 50 movie theaters in a half a square mile radius.

Our first stop when we got off the bus was always at Dairy Queen. We would go in and get a vanilla cone dipped in chocolate. As we were eating the ice cream we would walk to the first theatre playing something we wanted to see. There was always PLENTY to see.

After we came out of the first movie we would head back to DQ to get another ice cream cone. We would then go to our second film. Every once in a while we would even see third movie. And YES, sometimes that would DEMAND another helping of that lovely white custard – OH to be young again and be able to eat this much and not be as big as a house!

So movies have always been a passion of mine.

I’ve now turned that passion into a business. If I would have taken the first job offer out of graduate school with United Artists, who knows what I’d be doing now.

But I do know this. Not only is information marketing lucrative. It can also be fun. Particularly if you can be marketing and selling info products that you have a true interest and passion for.

Do you? If not, why not?

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One Response to “Turning Your Passion Into a Business in Information Marketing”

  1. jurgen Wolff on July 20th, 2010 10:33 pm

    It’s Jurgen “Magneto” Wolff here–and I have to thank Fred for pointing me back in the most obvious direction for my internet marketing. I’m enjoying putting up the new site and looking forward to teaching a series of workshops that Fred and I will videotape to create…yes, more information products!

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