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What is Information Internet Marketing?

Information Marketing

While browsing through the keywords that Google presented me for the term “information marketing” I noticed this term. Information internet marketing. I can ONLY guess what goes through a person’s mind when they enter certain terms to search. IF I were to hazard a guess in this case, they are looking for ways to market information products using the internet.

Who knows. I may be WAY off here.

From my own experience, I know there are OTHER ways to market information products. I always use the quadrant model to demonstrate ways to market and sell your info products. The 4 quadrants are: Free-Online, Free-Offline, Paid-Online, Paid-Offline.

When someone is interested in marketing info on the internet, they are interested in two of the four quadrants, Free-Online and Paid-Online. The other two would have no relevance to this question.

A number of years back I completely dropped all pay per click advertising. It just wasn’t making any sense for me. All of the big companies had bid up the price on keywords to the RIDICULOUS level. So, I got off that bus!

But, I may be getting back on. Why? Because I think that it may be valuable to test certain keywords using a pay per click model to see which of those words are worth spending my time on “SEO-WISE.” I haven’t yet initiated this campaign so I can’t give you any numbers yet. As soon as I do, I’ll let you know.

I find it very interesting to see what words people put into Google (or any search engine for that matter) when they do a search. I would NEVER have used the words INFORMATION INTERNET MARKETING together in one string. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Another guess would lead me to believe that these folks are curious about selling information online and are just LOOKING. They probably aren’t buyers. My proof for this guess? I have none. Therefore, it’s ONLY a guess!

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