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In the information marketing business, there are certain MUST DO items if you want to succeed. Every morning when I get up, my goal is follow my DAILY PLAN. That plan includes first going downstairs and getting on the elliptical machine and doing my aerobic workout. After I’m done, I make myself a smoothie.

This isn’t an ORDINARY smoothie. Nope, this one is SPECIAL. First off, I have a Vitamix. If you don’t have one, I suggest you RUN out and get one. One of the 3 or 4 BEST purchases I’ve ever made in my life. I’m serious. I had a JUICER, but it now sits in the closet gathering dust.

Here’s how it goes. I take about 12-15 raw almonds, one carrot, half an apple, half a pear, 2 frozen strawberries, half a frozen banana, a handful of frozen blueberries, a handful of ice and a about 8 ounces of water. I’ve naturally washed all the fruit that’s not frozen.

All of this stuff goes into the Vitamix and I turn it on. First on the lowest setting, then slowly increasing the speed until it’s going WICKED fast (insert Boston accent for the last two words). I let it run for about a minute and then turn it off.

What results is amazing. In addition to getting an amazingly TASTY drink, I’ve also satisfied almost all of the government requirements for a bunch of my food groups. Good thing. I don’t want Ralph Nader knocking on my door to check my blood glucose levels! He’s not dead yet, is he? JUST KIDDING RALPH!

I suck down a whole bunch of vitamins using the smoothie. It’s a beautiful thing!

Like smoothies, selling info products is about preparation. Both definitions of the word. I would probably NOT drink my smoothie every morning if I had not PREPARED all the fruit so it would be easy to STUFF into the Vitamix every morning. The other definition of preparation has to do with what goes into the smoothie itself. I took me a while to PERFECT the formula I described to you above. Feel free to copy it, but make sure to send me my monthly licensing fee. Any amount is fine.

Back to selling information products. I do a lot of them. Books, ebooks, audios, videos. All of them. Preparation for writing is fairly straightforward. For that, I have a regular kind of chair in which I do my best writing. I KNOW this will sound crazy, but here goes. I have the same exact type of chair in THREE rooms in my house. Why? So I can be PREPARED to write in any room whenever the mood strikes me.

The Chair? It’s one of those Zero Gravity lounge chairs. I think they were meant to be used outdoors. Frankly, I think my wife thinks so as well, but she tolerates them because they can be folded up in each of the rooms and don’t take up much space.

I’m also PREPARED to do my audio programs. I have my Marantz PMD-660, two microphones and the mike stands all in one large plastic bin. All of the cables are attached, the flash card is plugged in and I’m ready to do an interview in less than 45 seconds. It’s easy for me to do an audio program because I’m PREPARED!! Get it?

I also realize as I write this post why my videos aren’t coming along quite as easy. I either use my built in ISight camera with my Mac or I use a separate video camera that is tucked away in my video bag. I’m not really happy with the image I’m getting with my built in camera if I want to make things look REALLY good. It’s fine for basic stuff and doing screen capture videos where MY image is very small, but not for full size recordings.

So, in that area, I’m NOT PREPARED. Result? Very few videos are getting done. My bad. Don’t follow my lead here. If you do a lot of audios, videos and book writing, like you SHOULD if you’re in the information marketing business, then you need to be prepared in EVERY area.

I’ve got the SMOOTHIE thing down. Now, I’ve got to get the video all PREPARED and ready to go.

Your action? Be prepared. Boy Scout already? Great! Do it.

Now, as a last item, go buy a Vitamix blender. Tell them I sent you. Maybe they will somehow know it’s from me. My telepathic affiliate code will be inscribed somewhere. Perhaps they’ll send me a check! I doubt it!

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