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When marketing and selling information, THAT is the question. What’s the question? Whether or NOT to be your own webmaster.

One of the more frustrating elements of starting and building your own info products business is whether or not YOU should be the one handling all of the technical elements of your site. For someone who is NOT technically oriented like me, doing it myself is/was an impossibility.

What about you? How technically oriented are you?

But, that’s not really the FIRST question I should be asking, is it? No. I didn’t think so. The FIRST question is: CAN YOU AFFORD to pay for a webmaster. For MANY people, the answer is NO!

Does that mean that selling info products is NOT for you?

Absolutely not.

The nice thing about the web (currently) is that you don’t have to be a technical genius. All you need is a bit of patience to figure out how to do WordPress. AND, to know how to set up your hosting account.

If this were 10 years ago, I’d tell you you were right. Not possible. BUT, that was THEN and this is NOW.

So you have NO excuse. You don’t have to be a techie to make your business work. That being said, you DO need a little patience. If you can summon the patience necessary, you can make it happen.

I feel pretty lucky now. I have a full time webmaster, Stanley, who is helping me with all of the technical STUFF. BUT, when you build YOUR business up to the point where you’re making a good bit of money, you’ll be able to afford outside help as well.

When you get things going a LITTLE BIT, you can hire someone a few hours a week to help you. Then, as things get a bit better, you can add more hours. Before long, you MAY be able to get someone to help you FULL TIME.

But, don’t let your current situation prevent you from STARTING. If you’re smart enough to be reading this post, you’re smart enough to set up and run your own info products business.

It doesn’t take TALENT. It takes TENACITY.

Another benefit of learning how to do things yourself in the beginning is that you’ll be able to know what questions to ask later on. You’ll ALSO know whether or not you’re being taken advantage of in the future.

This is key. This is critically important. Don’t forget it.

BUT, don’t let it hold you up. Get going. Take it slow. Learn how to do things on your own. I’m 100% CERTAIN you can do this!

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