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If you’re an information marketer, you need to read this post carefully. It could be worth a lot of money to you if you start using it.

Every time I find a product or service that I like, I grab a domain name. BUT, I do it using a SYSTEM. Here is how it works. I use the word “Cool” as the first word. The second word I use always relates to the type of product that I am promoting. The last word I use in the domain name I use is the word “Tool.”

Next, I take the affiliate link (code) that they give me and have the domain name I am using forward using that code. This lets me give out a very “standard” set of domain names regarding any and every product or service that I want to promote as an affiliate.

I suggest you do the same.

For me, my system is to use the words COOL in front, TOOL on the end, and the type of product in the middle. I also always use a .com for every domain name. I suggest you do likewise. Come up with your own first and last word that are short, easy to remember and easy to spell. Then reserve a .com domain name at (an affiliate link itself).

Any and every affiliate relationship you set up should use and follow this pattern. This way you won’t forget what your domain name is that promotes each and every product you promote as an affiliate. Not only is this easy for you, it will be easy for your customers.

Find products and services you want to promote, then create YOUR system, then reserve the domain name, have them redirect to your affiliate link and you’re on your way to collecting checks from a variety of sources where you’ve established affiliate relationships.

Here are some of the ones I use:

Now, GO DO IT!

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