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I wanted to talk about videos. I’ve got a guy at my place right now who is the “Wolfgang Puck” of raw foods. He is a raw foodist with an incredible knowledge of his topic and the look and desire to become a STAR! While we were driving in the car today we had a discussion about the info products we are creating together. I’m serving as their info products coach.

I told him to take any idea that he had about a raw food topic and write it down. Then put down a short list of the things he should talk about when we eventually shoot the video. I told him NOT to be concerned about how long the video would come out. If it was good solid content and only ran 18 minutes, so be it.

The problem is NEVER the length of the info product, but how it is represented to the potential buyers of said info product! As long as you don’t tell people it’s an hour and give them 22 minutes, you’re fine.

As an information marketer I concentrate my efforts on cranking out as much great material on any topic that I’m producing, either for myself or others.

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