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Is Your Information Marketing Contact List Aging?

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I realize that some readers of my blog have been selling products online for many years now. I have a question that applies to long-term marketers only- is your information marketing contact list aging?

In the world of email addresses, older is not necessarily better. In fact, they are often completely obsolete. Recently I was looking  at my list, and then I noticed a recent post by author CJ Lyons who described the results of cleaning her list by cutting it in half:

“The last three emails I sent had a 55-60% open rate and a 35-40% click-thru rate, with most people clicking on several links as well as sharing with their friends.

info marketing contact list

Is Your Information Marketing Contact List Aging?

Not to mention cutting my costs by 40%.

Trimming my email list tripled my opens and click-thrus as well as increasing my readers’ response and saving me money. All in all, a win/win for everyone: myself and my readers.”

Now, most of us, if we’re being honest, may seriously envy those open rates. They are HUGE. Lyons has built an avid community of readers of her novels, and she covets her interaction with them. So, her goals were met by cleaning her list by half.

This technique may be valuable for our information marketing businesses, too. It requires some time of course. Look closely at open rates and history, which means pay attention to each individual email address on a list in order to determine its present value.

Naturally, unsubscribes have to be cleaned from an email list immediately, but the addresses that languish for years are the ones that may require a firm decision to eliminate at some point so that our open rates increase.

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