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Is Your Information Marketing Writing Hitting The Mark?

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Getting specific with content creation is critical. Nearly everyone I meet starts out thinking in a way that reminds me of buckshot as opposed to a well-targeted bullet. That means they write and post in a more general manner, rather than face the reality that targeting a particular person (or business) is the best way to connect. Somehow it seems scary to limit our potential target audience.

Is your information marketing writing hitting the mark?

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to determine the answer to this question. The first thing we usually consider is whether or not we’re making sales in our information marketing business. This is a pretty obvious indicator, but it is certainly not the only one.

Gary Korisko asks the more significant question in a post this week, “What exactly is it about your blog or online business that makes me want to abandon the 75-ba-jillion others in your market and hitch my wagon to your star?”

info marketing targetting

Is Your Information Marketing Writing Hitting The Mark?

Great question, isn’t it? And yes, it will probably make you squirm. It SHOULD make you squirm or something isn’t quite right. Maybe you don’t think it applies to you, or you simply WISH it doesn’t apply to you. But it does.

Korisko goes on to say:

Constantly broadcasting your message out to the world just becomes part of the noise that is already so prevalent. If that’s your only move, you will blend in. Blending in is for wallpaper, not you.

Granted, you need to get your message out, but you also need to show people that you’re a real human who is accessible to them.

The way to make people more receptive to you and your message is through engagement.”

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