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Kindle Direct Publishing for Your E-books

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Have you explored the advantages of Kindle Direct Publishing for your e-books? In a recent KDP Newsletter author Colleen Hoover shared her experiences, which ARE NOT typical. But, I think they are instructive. She is a novelist, and I’m guessing there are some closet novelists among my blog readers as well.

Here’s Coleen:

My first novel, SLAMMED, went live on KDP January 1st, 2012. I told everyone on my Facebook page and shared the link for the book. I also had a couple of sisters who were really excited and told everyone they knew and even everyone they didn’t know about the book. Once the reviews began coming in I was so excited. ..

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Kindle Direct Publishing for Your E-books

I then researched the paperback option on CreateSpace and had several books printed for family and friends who didn’t own e-readers. I even began receiving requests for a sequel. .. About eight weeks later, I published the sequel to SLAMMED…

I began receiving offers for foreign rights and film so I was put in touch with Dystel & Goderich Literary Management and signed my subsidiary rights with them. By July, both books were sold to Simon & Schuster and were optioned for film in September. Everything has happened so fast that it’s still a lot to take in.”

Once again, these results for a first-time novelist are certainly not the norm. But she started and that’s what we all have to do at some point, just start.  At the very least your family and friends will get your e-book or paperback book and who knows what will happen from there?

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