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Laws of Landing Pages For Info Product Conversions

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Your landing pages are the gateway to your sales, so the laws of landing pages for info product conversions should be pretty important to you. It’s never been about nice-looking, impressive websites and landing pages. No. It’s about conversions, which is the technical term for good, old-fashioned sales.

Josh Krafchin posted on the Conversion Conference blog lately, and he included five points that we should all pay attention to in order to boost our landing page conversions:

“1. Lead with your value proposition.

Laws of Landing Pages For Info Product Conversions

Laws of Landing Pages For Info Product Conversions

2. Give ‘em benefits.

3. Know your audience.

4. Pimp your PR.

5. Iterate, iterate, iterate.”

Now, if these items seem a little bit vague, I understand. Reading the whole post linked above will help flesh out Krafchin’s ideas for you. But his overall point is clear – Know exactly who you are addressing with your landing page copy, tell them what’s in it for them and say it over and over again. Oh, and his first item is definitely his most important.

“Lead with your value proposition.” That one is so critical that it deserves a whole info product devoted exclusively to it. Understanding EXACTLY what value your product brings to your target market, and expressing it simply and easily is the greatest gift you can give your prospective clients and customers. It IS what matters, ultimately. And it is what landing pages are supposed to do best – showcase your value proposition in order to motivate people to action.

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