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Linking Your Sites For Info Marketing Success

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One of the secrets to linking your sites for info marketing success is selecting the right websites. You want to be linked to sites that will contribute to the authority of your own website for the purposes of search engine optimization, and for building credibility with readers as well.

The truth is, finding sites like that can be a very time-consuming process.  It requires reading and posting comments in order to encourage traffic back to your own sites. Ken McGaffin at Wordtracker posted on this topic this week, suggesting the following:

info marketing visibility scope

Linking Your Sites For Info Marketing Success

“So go to the quality ‘general’ press – sites like,,, etc, and do a search on your industry. You’ll find quality articles that are usually comprehensive in nature and are written by a good journalist who wants to appeal to a wide readership. Such articles will contain lots of ideas and references and if you read them slowly and carefully, you can get ideas for areas where you might get relevant links.”

Does that sound like a lot of work?  Well, it IS a lot of work. But it is exactly the kind of work you need to accomplish in order to achieve your best possible page ranking, and your most targeted traffic.

You can outsource these tasks – researching, reading and linking, but there’s always a danger that the level of care and depth of research will not rival your own time and attention.

McGaffin concludes by saying, “Going beyond the obvious is a terrific and very simple way to identify new opportunities.”

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