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Tips to get started marketing what you write and record into information products can become overwhelming. Finding the time to capture all your ideas on your topic and turn them into e-books , audio books and video presentations is only the first part of building your information marketing business.

The next part is where the fun begins! Marketing won’t become drudgery if you have planned ahead and built your products with marketing in mind. Sue Painter’s post on the Future of Ink is very short and useful. She makes three main points that can boost your marketing efforts from the get-go:

1) Spend a lot more time creating the title of your product.

information marketing modalities of learning

Marketing What You Write And Record

2) Use a solid keyword phrase in your title, but without it sounding awkward or forced.

3) Use sales copy that reflects the emotions your prospect has when she is searching for help with her problem.

Essentially, our marketing efforts must be built into our products now. It’s that simple. The titles and topic or chapter headings of digital products have to include the keywords and phrases that our prospective customers are using in their searches. The titles of articles and blog posts work the same way.

Built-in marketing is a way of thinking, so now is a good time to start. Every page or minute of your written and recorded information products, especially the titles, should be planned with marketing in mind. As Painter puts it, “What should your title tell?  First and foremost, what problem it solves.  Secondly, that the solution you offer is not difficult.”

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