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More Reasons To Use Google+ Now

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If you’re looking for more reasons to use Google+ now, here are a few from Mark McGuiness, a London author and coach. His excellent site is named after his book, Resilience, which is all about that quality we must cultivate in the information marketing business.

“Unlike Facebook, which seems to want to recreate the web inside its own walled garden, right from the beginning Google’s strategy has been about connecting up different parts of the web, mainly via its search engine…  So don’t abandon your website or blog. Instead, use Google+ to amplify its reach, by connecting with new people.”

google plus for info marketing

More Reasons To Use Google+ Now

That is a very intelligent comment. I share his opinion that our websites and blogs will endure, and probably outlive any particular social media site. They all seem to have limited lifespans.  I’m certainly glad I didn’t spend time building up a page on MySpace, for example. It used to be “the thing,” remember?

More McGuiness:

“Add links to your other social networking profiles, such as your Twitter account or Facebook page. This helps Google identify you as the same person who is active on these accounts.

Why is this important? Because one of the 4 compelling reasons for using Google+ is to boost your search rankings, by identifying yourself as an authoritative and influential person online. Activity on social networks is one piece of the jigsaw Google uses to rank pages (and now Authors), so if you have a popular Pinterest or Twitter account, you’ll want to associate it with your Google+ profile.”

All good ideas for promoting your information products business with social media, especially Google+ now.

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