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Navigation on Your Info Products Websites

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Just because you have labored over your own information marketing landing pages, websites and blogs, and you’re proud of how they look  doesn’t mean they are user friendly.  Not at all. In fact, most sites are shockingly inept. That’s right. They are not easy to navigate, because they are not logical to the visitor. Have you experimented with navigation on your info products websites?

Well-known internet marketer Amy Africa puts it bluntly (as usual) when she says:

“Navigation accounts for 40-60% of your success online.  Over 80% on a mobile device.

info marketing website navigation user friendliness

Navigation on Your Info Products Websites

People are going to do what you give them to do.  If they want to buy a rake and you force them to figure out whether they should click on gardening tools OR gardening supplies OR outdoor gear OR outdoor living, it’s your own damn fault when they bounce or attempt to use your crackerjacked internal text search and fail.

Users are going to click on the things you tell them to click.  If you don’t tell them to click, they aren’t going to click.

Your navigation controls their fate.  It’s that simple.”

Don’t miss her mobile statistic as regards navigation – 80% of your success is dependent on good navigation design. That’s a whopper, isn’t it? My head is spinning with the consequences of that figure in the real life of information marketers. Not only has it become crucial to have sites that are mobile optimized, meaning sites that can be seen and read on smart phones and tablets, but they must be EASY to read and to navigate.

Ease of navigation will definitely show up in your profits (or not.)

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