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Offering Free Reports To Market Information

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How many free reports do you have saved on your hard drive? I have a ton, or they would probably weigh a ton if they were printed out and stacked in my office. Good thing they are digital. However, they are not in my face so I often forget to read them.

If you are thinking about offering free reports to market information, the best way to make sure they are read immediately is to put a time-sensitive offer at the end. Yes, at the end. You can link to the free report from your website, landing pages and links, but be sure to mention that there’s a time-sensitive offer inside the free report. The idea is for fear of loss to kick in, of course.  And putting the offer at the end will at least slow down the click-through when you market information.

info marketing free reports

Offering Free Reports To Market Information

I am suggesting that you watch your own behavior when you download free reports, and pay attention to what motivates you to actually read them or not. Do what it takes to capture and hold the attention of readers, once they have a download in front of them.

To me, the free report is not enough. I’m pretty sure that most people would say the same thing if they are willing to be honest. There has to be SOMETHING OF VALUE in the free report to make it worth the trouble. A price discount code, a link to another product, a secret phone number to access an audio recording. Additional information of value that you are offering is the real value inside the free report.

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