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One Book Launch Story To Inspire Your Own

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If you are completing your e-book to launch or continue building your information marketing business, no doubt you’ve wondered about publishing it as a traditionally published book as well. Here’s insight into one book launch story to inspire your own, written by Matt Kepnes of Nomadic Matt who spent months organizing his guest blogging and social media campaign ahead of his launch:

“And so my final advice to you is to have a goal in mind for your product. What do you want it to do for you? That can then allow you to focus your efforts around that specific goal. Maybe I could have sold more books, but I got a lot of visibility and have been getting more and more media requests. That was the goal — and that’s what I achieved.”

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One Book Launch Story To Inspire Your Own

Kepnes only launched his low- budget travel adventures book about a month ago, so his comments are particularly interesting right now. He reports having sold about 5000 copies of his travel book, which is only half of his goal of 10,000 copies. But remember, that’s all happened in a one month period.

Travel books for folks on a budget are not rare, but he had already built a list of 25,000 subscribers to his blog. That is KEY to Kepnes’ ability to sell 5,000 copies of his first book in the first month. He tapped into a big human desire and opened up his life adventure for others to follow, which he promotes in the blog on his website and also on Facebook.

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