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Optimize Your Information Marketing PDF Products for Mobile

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First of all, I am not promoting any particular product or software here as I explore some ideas about how to optimize your information marketing PDF products for mobile phones. Since e-books are available for mobile now, it just makes sense that PDF documents should also be formatted for easy reading. If you create your information products as PDF files, and you sell them or distribute them in that format, now is the time to think about offering them in another format that is specifically designed for mobile users.

This topic is complicated by the fact that all mobile phones are not the same. That’s pretty obvious, of course, but the different platforms they utilize for displaying PDF files for users may not be as obvious. In other words, the requirements for optimizing your PDFs for various mobile phones may vary.

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Optimize Your Information Marketing PDF Products for Mobile

Matt Stow posted on modifying existing websites a few weeks ago, and he offered this advice to web developers working to help their clients resize websites for mobile viewing:

“Begin with a mobile-first philosophy. Resize your browser window to a “mobile” size. I actually prefer to go smaller than the standard 320 pixels because feature phones are often forgotten. To help with this, Firefox introduced a pretty cool Responsive Design View mode in version 15. Or you can use the Web Developer Toolbar extension, available for both Firefox and Chrome.”

He is suggesting that you work on a reduced-size screen on your desktop, laptop or tablet in order to mimic the smart phone screen. PDF files can be expanded for easier viewing, but it’s important to know how they look when a user first pulls them up. As you know, we only have a few seconds to capture attention and make a good impression with our information marketing products.

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