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People Shop From Photos, Not Just From Words

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Online retailers of all types are discovering that people shop from photos, not just from words. This may not sound like news at all, but those changes in the way photos are being used online is newsworthy.

Ryan Tate posted on Mashable this week, and included the following thoughts:

“For its first 15 years, online shopping consisted mainly of typing words into search engines. Sellers would jockey for top position in the results, and buyers were at the mercy of search-ranking algorithms…

info marketing shopping with photos

People Shop From Photos, Not Just From Words

‘Social is very rapidly shifting away from text,’ says Apu Gupta, CEO of Curalate, which helps clients like the Gap and Saks optimize the images they send into networks like Pinterest. ‘It’s going to change shopping behavior both online and offline… This is the direction the world is moving – everyone has a cameraphone in their pocket, and the whole web is becoming high def.”

Naturally, Pinterest and Instragram are responsible for changing the way shoppers share photos, and how those photos are used to buy things, meaning the vendor is converting a visitor to a sale. Perhaps it’s a conversion to an opt-in instead, but that’s the first part of the sale process.

Nobody has time to type a thousand words about things they like, so they post or forward photos instead. Funny photos, personal photos, and photos of stuff they just happen to like.

It’s that last category that is changing online shopping forever, which includes the people in your information marketing target market.  This is a really good thing to remember when you are creating your info products now.

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