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Re-releasing Previously Published Books

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Sometimes people ask me about re-releasing previously published books. Generally, they are referring to bringing traditionally published books into the digital world, but not always. Sometimes an author wants to update and refresh information that he or she published quite a while ago in order to create a timely product now.

Elizabeth S. Craig posted on this topic lately, and she offered the following advice:

“Create a platform where you interact in readers without being strident.  Learn which are your favorite social media sites…are you more of a Twitter person or a Facebook person?  What about Pinterest?  Would you enjoy blogging?  You don’t have to go crazy with it…just have some sort of consistent online presence in a form that doesn’t drive you nuts.  Interact with others, share things your followers have shared, make friends, and build a name for yourself.”

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Re-releasing Previously Published Books

Craig echoes the sentiments of online marketers of all kinds when she advises that social media is the way to start promoting a previously-published book now. In fact, it’s the best way to develop an audience that you can ask before you launch into your book remodeling project.  Ask your followers if they would buy your updated book. Do your market research and give yourself the benefit of it before you spend time reviving your classic information products.

Craig continues, “What about a book that came out in the 70s or 80s?  If you’ve got the rights to those books, they might as well be available for sale…they have the potential to bring in additional income.  You’ll need some new, updated cover art … You’ll need to hire someone to format the book for digital release and/or print on demand…”

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