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Does it sound backwards to hear me say you need to read fiction to write your information products? Some of my successful business clients DO NOT like to read fiction at all. They like to stick to nonfiction reading because their time is so limited and they need to absorb all the facts and news possible. I tell them that might be a mistake.

Fiction offers more than entertainment and escape from reality. It paves the way for creativity in your thinking and your writing, which are crucial to creating information products.

Reading Fiction To Write Information Products

Reading Fiction To Write Information Products

Author and publisher Judy Brunstad specializes in children’s books, so she has a lot to say to authors about fiction, including this comment in an email today: “And while you may tend to think of nonfiction as an orderly progression of facts, the real facts are that nonfiction often borrows from fiction, including flashbacks, character development, and dramatic endings. “

The best way to convey information to children or adults is through storytelling, but the stories have to trigger an internal reaction so that the reader or listener gets involved in the story. Let me put it this way… very few nonfiction books or e-books are “page-turners.” They are not as exciting as fiction. When we sit down to write the outline and then the substance of our books, and our audio and video scripts we can all take a lesson from good fiction writing.

Fiction generally involves a hero, a main character having adventures. Every one of our clients and customers is the hero of his or her own life story, and we have to be able to trigger a reaction by speaking directly into each person’s own story. That’s why reading fiction is powerful medicine for info marketers.

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