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I just clicked on a link to read a blog post about how to do successful website landing pages. A topic that any and everyone reading this blog has an interest in. Me too!

I read through the post and was impressed with the screenshots and the SUBJECTIVE analysis given. She gave 5 examples, all of which SEEMED to make sense. The problem was that everything being discussed related to issues that were quantifiable.

Closing rates and other web related actions can be measured.

In giving me her FEELINGS about how things looked and what she THOUGHT would happen, I came away less than impressed. If you’re going to talk about things that can be measured, then give me the numbers.

The only comment I saw at the end of the post came from someone who brought up this exact point. Another “highly intelligent” blog reader.

Isn’t it amazing that the painfully obvious passes for brilliance these days? As my Mom used to say, “In the land of the blind, the ONE-EYED is KING.” It only takes a bit of knowledge about a topic these days to look like a genius.

IF you’re going to talk to me about things that are OBJECTIVE and CAN be measured, then you better give me the data. I don’t really care how YOU feel or I feel, or anyone else feels. All of those FEELINGS mean nothing when you have data that is available but not being used.

As an information marketer, you need to be measuring everything you can. Anything that will help you improve your results. If it has the capacity to give you better results and you don’t measure it, it’s your own fault when you don’t succeed.

I feel pretty fortunate. I have a full time webmaster who does this work for me. I can be “lazy” and ask him to set it up and then just look at the results. For you this may not be possible. You have to do it yourself. If that’s the case, this is ONE area where you then need to learn how to do it.

There are plenty of tutorials out there that will show you how to use Google Analytics to track the key data that you need to make decisions about your site.

I suggest you learn how to do it yourself. When you get in a position that you can pay someone else to do it, that will be great, but for now, those numbers are too important for you to ignore.

When you put this in place, send me a message. I’d like to hear/know what your DATA is and how things are going. You can tell me about how you FEEL, but I will KNOW more about your RESULTS with the numbers!

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