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Real Or Pretend Information Marketing?

Information Marketing

Are you providing real or pretend information marketing? This is an important question, and it doesn’t have a simple, bright-line answer. I am talking about the quality of information that you provide in your information products and your presentations in person and on webinars and teleseminars.

Basically, real information marketing gives the customer the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. It provides everything necessary for them to proceed to solve the problem you offered to help them solve. People come to me to learn how to market information, and that is what they know when they buy my products or hear me speak.  I have always provided real information.

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Real Information Marketing

I’ve noticed, however, that there’s a trend to provide everything on the list except the all-important HOW. That’s what I call pretend information marketing. It is pretend because it is incomplete. I see products that are comprised of the Who (the seller), What (what you just paid for), When (now of course), Where (right here) and Why (solve a problem or provide value).  Those five things can fill up a book or a video presentation, no problem. But they do not encompass the HOW.

Physician turned novelist CJ Lyons blogged on this issue today, commenting on her participation in a recent online conference, “What did we learn in the session: that we need metadata…not how to do it, not where to find resources to help you include it, not even what resources exist that an individual author could access.”

Lyons is describing pretend information marketing, in my opinion. She and other successful independently-published authors are not going to settle for pretend information. Be sure you are ready to provide the HOW for increasingly sophisticated information buyers now.

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