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Reasons For Low Information Marketing Conversion Rates

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Peter Sandeen, a top copywriter, sent an email to his list that included the following points that he sees in his clients’ websites:

“Unless your target customers are mind readers, your site has to make it dead obvious what people can get from there.

If it takes more than a couple of seconds to get a clear idea about why your visitors should stick around, they’re not going to get it.

And even if they spend more time figuring it out, they’ll be left feeling confused.

info marketing low conversion rate

Reasons For Low Information Marketing Conversion Rates

Confused people don’t buy.”

If your information marketing landing pages are not converting (collecting opt-in addresses and making sales) then it’s entirely possible that people are confused when they read your headlines and your content. It’s more than likely that what’s clear and convincing to YOU has a completely different effect on other people.

Sandeen follows up by explaining how to achieve clarity and raise your conversion rates:

“The first thing is to make your home page start off by giving a plain, simple explanation of what people can get from you.

Being clever, interesting, and/or creative isn’t as important.

In fact, usually the best headline for a home page is just a plain explanation of the value visitors can get from you.”

Now that is about as clear as possible, isn’t it?  If this is your goal for the headline of a landing page or a website, it may take you a while to find the fewest and best words to express the true value your visitors can expect.

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