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Repurpose Blog Posts on Your Information Products

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Chris Robley does a good job of explaining how to repurpose blog posts on your information products. He’s writing primarily to authors and musicians on the Host Baby and CD Baby platforms, but his advice can be applied by anyone using a blog for marketing information.

“If you’ve maintained your website for more than 6 months, and if you’ve been keeping track of how your blog articles and web pages are performing, you’ve probably realized by now that there are a few standouts — articles that far out-performed the others in terms of hits, conversions, shares, etc.”

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Repurpose Blog Posts on Your Information Products

Robley is assuming that you have traffic to your blog, and that your traffic statistics are available for you to analyze. This is important for several reasons. First, you need to see who is reading your blog and where they are located in order to identify your market. You may have many international readers, for example. This is instructive and helps you know how to build your email marketing campaigns and even your info products, so that they can all be easily translated.

The three basic suggestions Robley offers involve the recycling of blog posts that get more traffic than others, reposting or repositioning them at the top, with a current date, and featuring them on your home page with a link to the post. Make it easy for your information marketing site visitors to find popular posts because that’s how to make them even more popular.

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