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Segmenting Your Information Marketing Target Market – Part 1

Information Marketing

Segmenting your information marketing target market is how you get down and deep into different mindsets in order to write and speak to each of them. Maybe you thought you only had one target market? Well, maybe it’s time to think again.

Wikipedia describes “target market” in terms of segments:

“Target markets are groups of individuals that are separated by distinguishable and noticeable aspects. Target markets can be separated by the following aspects:

• Geographic segmentations, addresses (their location climate region)

information marketing target market segmentation

Segmenting Your Information Marketing Target Market

• Demographic/socioeconomic segmentation (gender, age, income, occupation, education, household size, and stage in the family life cycle)

• Psychographic segmentation (similar attitudes, values, and lifestyles)

• Behavioral segmentation (occasions, degree of loyalty)

• Product-related segmentation (relationship to a product)”

If you market information on pest control, you have to look at all five of these aspects in relation to your topic. It’s a fascinating exercise when you set aside time to do it right.  I suggest choosing a time and place with no distractions so that you can really focus. Maybe that means using a pen and paper instead of a digital device connected to the internet. You might be surprised to discover how many internet marketers still start new projects with a pen and paper.

Pest control is not something we WANT to buy, it’s something we HAVE to buy in order to have a safe and healthy environment. And yet, geographic, demographic, psychographic, behavioral and product-related perspectives are all relevant because different people make their pest control decisions for different reasons.

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