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Silence In Your Info Products Seminars

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Most of the time, most of us would love to have more of it, but silence in your info product seminars is not a good thing if you’re asking or soliciting questions.  I have been doing live and online seminars for a long, long time, and I’ve had this silence experience more times than I can remember.  It is always somewhat awkward.

So, now I generally walk into the aisles and select individuals in order to ask a question, but not a right or wrong question. I always ask a question that can be answered with anyone’s opinion.

info product marketing questions

Questions in Information Product Marketing Seminars

And I always start by saying, “May I ask you a question?”  If they say no, or just don’t seem too enthusiastic, I move on to another person because there will always be people in an audience who LOVE to talk. Over the years I have developed pretty accurate radar for locating the talkers, and I usually don’t miss.

But this in-person technique won’t work on a webinar, unless I know the participants personally, or I have received a written question in an email in advance or in the chat box online during the webinar. The point is to pick a person and ask him or her a question directly.  You can always add, “If you don’t have a microphone, just type your reply into the chat box.”

Extending personal invitations is the best way to avoid silence, and I encourage you to try it. Who among us doesn’t like to be asked for our opinion? And you may be surprised at the good ideas for info products that can surface from spontaneous sharing as well.

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