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Speaking To An Audience Is Speaking To One Person

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If you have a hard time believing that speaking to an audience is speaking to one person, then you probably haven’t done much public speaking. Picturing your audience as one person is the best way to overcome stage fright and stick to your conversational presentation. It really works.

Putting yourself “out there” as a speaker is not easy for a lot of people. I work with clients who absolutely hate the idea of speaking to a group, and they are somehow willing to forgo their information marketing goals in order to avoid public speaking. I tell them that is a big mistake because speaking to groups has formed the foundation of my entire career in information marketing.

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Speaking To An Audience Is Speaking To One Person

There is absolutely no better way to make a good impression and generate sales of your information products than representing them yourself in a group of people who are listening to what you have to say.

Think about it this way – live rock concerts. OK, you may not be a rock star, but you are a thought leader on your specific topic and you want to generate enthusiasm and energy about that topic wherever you go. Many times you find yourself speaking to one person on your topic, correct? Do you have any trouble doing that?

Just do exactly the same thing when you are speaking to a larger audience and you will have no more trouble speaking to it than you have speaking to one person. Fear of public speaking is basically an illusion, and the sooner you break out of it the more money you can make in your information marketing business.

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