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Storytelling And Information Marketing

Information Marketing

Copywriter John Forde said it perfectly in an email I received today – “What your customer really wants is to be the hero of his own story.” He credits Bill Bonner for the idea, but I say it’s as old as time because cavemen grunted out stories to impress and harass each other, and we’re all still doing the same thing today with the benefit of modern language and digital communication.

Even without grunting and wielding thick sticks to emphasize our main points we had better be good at storytelling and information marketing in order to succeed. Knowing the only story that truly interests your clients and customers is THEIR OWN STORY is a big step towards gaining and maintaining the focus you need to create your information products in the first place.

Storytelling And Information Marketing

Storytelling And Information Marketing

Starting your writing and speaking with your own stories can be a good introductory technique, but it had better lead quickly to the story your readers and listeners most want to hear. It’s the story that answers the question, “What’s in this for me?”  The acronym WIIFM represents that question and it is the perfect reminder of what we need to remember when we create and market info products, when we speak to audiences and even when we communicate one-on-one.

We are all overgrown toddlers with an insatiable desire to make the world respond to our needs and wants. If you have ever told stories to small children, you know they absolutely DELIGHT in hearing their own name woven into stories told aloud.  That’s pretty much the way it works for all of us, all the time.

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