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Subtle Sales Messages For Information Marketers

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Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D., aka The “Brain Lady”, recently blogged about subtle sales messages for information marketers and others. She is really addressing all kinds of marketing when she talks about how to motivate people, especially with subtle physical signals. These can be employed in person or in videos, so this is very useful for all of us:

“…any idea you’re considering while holding something heavy (for instance, a book) you will deem to be more important. The metaphor of an idea being “weighty” has a physical corollary.

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Subtle Sales Messages For Information Marketers

There are two terms that are used for this. Sometimes it’s called “haptic sensation” and sometimes you will find it referred to as “embodied cognition.”  We are very influenced by the meaning that our sense of touch perceives.”

In other words, picking up a physical book and holding it while you talk, either in person or in a video, conveys the subtle message of importance. Apparently this signals importance to people who are watching you, as well as people who touch the book themselves.

I find this research fascinating, but not entirely surprising. Because, as Weinschenk says, “The metaphor of an idea being “weighty” has a physical corollary.” That makes sense, doesn’t it?

We can use subtle signals in our video communications, including video emails and YouTube videos to enhance their intended effects. If you have written or you are writing a book in the course of your information marketing business, a physical book, this is good news for you.

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