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Success with Google In the Information Marketing Field

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I got pretty excited tonight when I turned up #1 for the keywords: Information Marketing. I know that tomorrow, that all my change. But for now, I’m elated. As I don’t have any inside knowledge on how the Google algorithm is set up, I can do some guessing like everyone else.

Here goes.

1. I’ve been posting a LOT of content for a long time. Good, solid content. I write it myself. It is NOT written by paid article spinners or anyone else. JUST ME. So there’s a lot of meat on the bones here. And, according to some of the various pieces of software out and about, I’m a decent writer.

Your Action Point: Learn how to write, write a lot and try and make it as good as you can.

2. Don’t play any games. I haven’t done any of the “black-hat” stuff that a lot of people are doing these days. Usually they give you short term results and end up getting you BANNED by Google if the offense is egregious enough.

Action Point: Get SEO results the old fashioned way, EARN THEM!

3. Post on sites that are related to your topic. I have NO idea if this has had an impact on my recent rise to the top position, but I suspect it might. I don’t go on sites and post just to get “Google Juice.” Instead, I have a number of sites (related to info marketing) that I visit regularly. When I find something that provokes my interest, I post. Simple as that.

Action Point: Find a few sites that have content you enjoy reading and make comments. Then leave a link to YOUR site at the end.

4. Use Social Media to drive people to your site/blog. Again, I don’t know the SECRET FORMULA, but of late, I’ve been twittering and facebooking about some of my posts. I THINK this might be having some affect. Am I certain? Heck no. Frankly I’m not certain about much of anything when it comes to this stuff. BUT, that being said, there seems to be SOME correlation.

Action Point: When you have something of value to say, put it out there on Twitter and Facebook.

5. Ask for help. I’ve been asking everyone in my “inner circle” of friends and colleagues to let others know about posts that I do. I never try and do any FAKING in this area. I just ask people I know to DIGG or LIKE a post f they feel it merits doing so.

Action Point: ASK people to recommend your posts/writing to others if they feel it’s good.

More Later! Comments?

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5 Responses to “Success with Google In the Information Marketing Field”

  1. Melanie Rembrandt on February 17th, 2011 1:15 pm

    Thanks for the great article and tips Fred!

    As an SEO copywriter, I appreciate the fact that you focus on the importance of good content and taking the time to provide value to targeted markets.

    Melanie Rembrandt, Rembrandt Communications

  2. Eugenia on February 17th, 2011 2:48 pm

    Very informative, as usual, Fred. Many “experts” fail to differentiate between what they KNOW, what is an educated guess, and what they just read somewhere on the Internet. I “like” your content and your honesty. It’s part of your USP.

  3. Timothy on February 17th, 2011 3:36 pm


    You are one of the few Internet marketers that I really trust. You cover many topics that other Internet marketers “barely scratch the surface on.” Also, you tell it “as is” and don’t “ignore the details” like many Internet marketers do.

    Your success so far is a true testament to all your hard work, dedication and integrity. I am deeply appreciative of your hard work.


  4. Jeanna Pool on February 17th, 2011 5:20 pm

    Hi Fred, congratulations and well done.

    One piece of the SEO pie and getting great rankings is keywords. Not keyword stuffing or spamming (black hat items you mention that you don’t do), but using keywords that relate to your site and its content.

    And since you teach information marketing…your site uses that keyword very well in titles, articles, links, etc.

    Another big piece, which you have done and explained very well is to have a website rich in really good content and information for your visitors.

    I call this type of website a “Comprehensive Workhorse Website” which is exactly what you have and Google loves.

    Wishing you MUCH success!
    Jeanna Pool

  5. Fred Gleeck on February 17th, 2011 5:52 pm

    Jeanna, thanks! I’m putting together a “white paper” that will detail any/all of the elements that I think are helping to make this happen. BUT, no one knows EXACTLY what’s in Google’s “secret sauce.” Stay in touch!

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