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The Future of E-books

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If you are gearing up to publish your first e-book now, or even if you’ve been publishing them for quite a while now, this would be a good time to consider the future of e-books in general.  Things have changed a lot since black and white Kindle books completely transformed the way the world reads now.

Edward Nawotka posted some observations he made during the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), which is going on in New York City as I write this blog post today. I thought this sentence was particularly poignant, “The primary question now for publishers is ‘what makes sense to publish on a color, interactive devices that is one-click away from the world,’ says McCoy.” He is quoting IDPF Executive Director, Bill McCoy.

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The Future of E-books

I like that sentence because it seems to encapsulate the real problem that authors face, as well as parents and teachers and quite frankly all of us. How do we stay focused on what we must read or even what we want to read when the allure of the internet is a click away on our favorite digital reading device?

One thing we know for sure is that the future of e-books involves direct competition for the time and attention of every reader. Sharp, pointed competition. With targeted ads and inboxes jam-packed with emails, there has never been a time when the words we write are consumed in such a competitive environment.

Nawotka summarized the main topic at the conference this way:

“The main concern is Increasing connection between the ebook world and the broader platform. We’re looking at the future of the digitized book, and, for example, are going to be talking about the open web platform.

At IDPF, we have been doing a lot of work to figure out how to bring together the various worlds of content, whether a publisher is producing a book, an app or a web site and how to use EPUB and the broader web platform.”

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