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Think Like a Scientist To Build Your Info Products

Information Marketing

The possibility exists that you may have to think like a scientist to build your info products. Thinking like an English teacher doesn’t hurt, of course, because most information marketing begins as a writing project or a speaking project, two skills we honed in our English classes over the years.  But scientists are trained to think in a completely different way.

It comes down to two words:  topic and thesis. Let’s look at both words in order to see the difference in thinking they represent, and more importantly, how that thinking can help you build more profitable information products:

information marketing science

Scientists and Information Marketing

Topic – Collection of factual information on a subject to a greater or lesser degree. Writing on a topic may include the writer’s opinion or it may not. This is a significant distinction within the category itself. But it looks and sounds more like a term paper than a list of original or secondary research findings.

Thesis – There is a particular point and purpose to the research and collection of data. There is a goal, and the end of the writing journey is reaching that goal, whether the purpose of the research and writing turns out to be right or wrong. The outcome is not the point, the research and the written conclusions are the point.

These are my own definitions and certainly subject to comment (feel free) but I hope they make my point. Information marketing needs to focus on a particular point by providing data to prove or disprove that point.  For example, a title for a whitepaper might be, How 10 People Used Twitter To Make Sales.

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