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Thoughts About Your Information Marketing Emails

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The battle seems to rage continuously on the subject of bulk emails, and whether they are effective for making sales. Today I’m sharing some quotes I’ve collected to encourage you to have deep thoughts about your information marketing emails.

Susan Tull’s post this week on Online Marketing and Commerce explores data on how customers really feel about marketing emails. She says, “A majority of respondents (75 percent) say they sometimes or always use their mobile device to sort through emails before reading them on a desktop… Incoming mobile emails that don’t look good are deleted by 80 percent of respondents, and 30 percent say they’ll unsubscribe. That’s up considerably from last year, when 18 percent said they’d go so far as to unsubscribe.”

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Thoughts About Your Information Marketing Emails

So, I’m concluding that: 1) our sites had better be mobile-optimized OR ELSE, and 2) they had better look good OR ELSE. How about you? People have short attention spans for anything that doesn’t interest them and please them visually.

And Robert Middleton says, “Ultimately it was my email list that drove my online success. I published a weekly ezine, More Clients, and built my list from nothing [in 1996] to about 50,000 in 2004. And in that time, I created and marketed online products, marketing manuals, teleconference programs, and workshops.

What has happened with online marketing and social media in the past seven or eight years has transformed everything, but in my experience, the humble ezine or email newsletter is still the most powerful marketing tool available, and growing your list is as important as it ever was.”

Put those two pieces of advice together and you have a pretty convincing picture of how and why you need to build your information marketing email list.

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