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Translate Your Book Into Other Languages

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The whole world may very well be your marketplace if your information marketing business is unique.  With that in mind, it’s a good idea to think about how you would translate your book into other languages if necessary. And if you are self-published, it may be your own responsibility.

Recent statistics reveal that 12 languages can reach 80% of the world’s population at the present time. And, 13 languages can reach 90% of the world’s online spending power.

The Chinese language and the English language are both at approximate 21.5%, followed by Spanish at 9% and Japanese at 4.5%. These statistics are the percentage of people reached in that language online.

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Translate Your Book Into Other Languages

However, only 6.1% of Chinese speakers compared to 36.3% of English speakers contribute significantly to online spending.

These statistics should be sufficient to indicate that your first choice of a language for translating your book should be Chinese, assuming your information products span the global and cultural differences.

And this is also assuming that you are primarily selling your information products online.  If you are using your book to interest local plastic surgery clientele, or market pet care services or swimming pool maintenance services, you won’t need to translate your book at all.  Local businesses are pretty much out of the translation loop.

But for the rest of us, fortunately there are some translation services available. One translation platform you might want to explore is, the provider of the statistics I shared earlier. It’s a cloud-based translation management system that might be overkill for a small entrepreneur, but it’s good to see what is available so you can plan ahead as your information marketing business grows.

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