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Use And Re-Use Your Words Again and Again

Information Marketing

Creating information products is basically the same as researching and writing a term paper.  But high school and college assignments can only be turned in once and that’s it. Those particular words are finished working for you after one use.

But when you create information products you will often use and re-use your words again and again. Think of it as recycling words and ideas. And when you do, you’ll probably grow increasingly excited about sitting down and getting started writing about your chosen topic.

Now this idea is not really a secret, but it may be a new concept if you’re new to marketing information online and offline as well. The concept is called “repurposing” and it is truly a key to success.

repurposing information marketing materials

Repurposing your content into various info products is genuinely helpful to people

First of all, most people need to hear an idea many times in order to remember it. Some studies indicate that we have to see or hear something 3 – 20 times before it sinks in.

Repurposing your content into various info products is genuinely helpful to people who are reading what you write and listening to your audio and video presentations in order for them to fully grasp the ideas you are sharing.

Obviously, recycling words and ideas will save you some time researching and writing. But it also helps people learn, which often helps you make more sales to the same clients and customers.  Repeat sales are a big part of information marketing.

Re-using and re-purposing are not exactly the same things. Re-purposing means that you have expanded your thinking to include a new audience in a new way.

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