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Oh boy, yet another change at Google affects you if you’re using guest posts on your info products blog. Yes, you (and me).

Apparently Google has decided that the phrase “guest post” is tantamount to spam. I’ve seen sites that are basically content farms, and they are apparently the ones Google is targeting now. It’s another iteration of other updates that caused many information marketers’ page ranking to suffer as a result of article marketing.

A recent guest post (yes, they actually called it a guest post even though it advises us not to use that phrase any longer) by Jeff Foster gives a list of things NOT to do in order to avoid having your website penalized in 2013:

“1) Stop telling people it’s a guest post.

2) Stop letting authors add unnatural links in posts.

3) Stop letting people add unnatural links to their author bios.

4) Stop promoting links as a benefit of submitting a guest post.”

So, what CAN you do when you post articles by other authors on your blogs? Here’s what the Foster suggests in order to avoid Google page-rank penalties:

“1) Allow author bios.

2) Provide author bios for each author.

3) Allow natural outbound links in the post.

4) Allow real people to comment.”

There is an alternative, of course. Simply do your own writing or hire a writer, and that way you avoid all these potential issues. Google just wants to see real writing by real people in a genuine manner on all blogs.

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